Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Double Dildo with a Difference

Many lesbian couples use a strapon dildo to the very great delight of the femme.  But of course the domme does not receive anything like the same gratification.  Using a double dildo satisfies both partners but loses the intimacy of a real domme/femme coupling.  Hence the Realdo.

You can see how it works.  The smaller dildo goes into the domme and there is also a lovely shelf for her to rub her clitoris against.  The bigger dildo is long and luscious, every femme's wet dream.

 First the femme has to lick her domme through the slit in her pantyhose to get her ready to take her part of the dildo.

In it goes and the femme can hardly wait for what she knows will be complete bliss.  Just look at the length of that dildo.

They try a couple of positions before settling down.

 I just love the pantyhose. 

 It is clearly heaven for them both, and the femme must really be feeling that dildo.
 But it is the domme who works herself off to a big orgasm.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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