Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gleesome Threesome

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David said...

This is one of the most fascinating photos on the blog.
Three Lovely Young Women enjoying Lesbian Sex in the Sunshine. It seems to be taking place in a secluded mansion somewhere in the country so they know they will have complete privacy. Perhaps they have been sharing a bottle of expensive wine before commencing the lovemaking. All three are Classy with perfect make-up, beautiful nails, jewelry & Hair Dos.
The expression of the Young Lady receiving the double tounguing is priceless; she has never before felt such an incredible sensation and has completely abandoned herself to her pleasure. This would continue into the afternoon with all three girls licking & sucking as much as possible. Vaginal secretions would coat their faces and bodies with the possibility of some Dildos being produced.
Just this one photo is enough to provide endless Fantasies & enjoyment.
Thank-you Sir.

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